Automatic batter breading machines for continuous use.

Automatic batter breading machines for continuous use.

The ABM batter breading line have 3 models that varies according to the dimensions and the production required:

COMPACT: bench-top machine, compact and efficient.
MINI: free-standing machine with support on wheels for an easy and efficient battering and breading process.

PRACTIC: floor machine, ideal for industrial use, completed with breading feeder and battering feeder for a continuous use and a gradual release of product during the process.

Designed and manufactured entirely in stainless steel, fully dismantled for a complete and easy cleaning, reduces significantly the operator’s working time.

The machines optimize the production costs and significantly improve the product’s margins.

ABM batter breading meet the requirement of the applicable EC directives – CE marking.

Macchine hamburgatrici


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