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The golden chain, lozenge. Longchamp handbags classic legend has long been world-renowned, and continue to have women favor. It is the star of the women with ornaments, the perfect fusion of visual appeal and utility, as well as the innovation and tradition, half a century has become a symbol of quality. In 1955 February, COCO CHANEL launched a new women with a metal chain double cover can be closed square. It became known as the Le Pliage. For many years, this package there has been a lot of changes in the original longchamp outlet design, including the leather or fabric, fabric, metal and leather interlaced chain or winding chain, double or single flip flip, and miss square lock or dual C graphics locking. Longchamp Le Pliage handbag from tailoring, tailoring, sewing, fit, and splicing, is provided with a zipper, button, buckle inlaid sew, finish, packaging a series of processes, all carefully designed, for both practical and beautiful, Le Pliage bags were set up 3 inner pockets, one of the smallest designed to put lipstick; the details of the design so exquisite was rare at the time. A factory all the handbags are from near Paris, each need 6 workers spent 10 hours, after 180 steps to complete. In the formal start of production, also need a week of standard samples, at the same time constant communication with kangpeng street. In general, for a 30 to 40 model series, prototype sample preparation will tend to be more than 200-300. From the Tweed to canvas fabric, from the car line to buckle, from the pocket to lining. From 1983 onwards, Carle Lagerfeld would continue to give the bag to bring the new change; but in any case, we can immediately recognize it. Since 1983, Karl Lagerfeld Longchamp took over the brand, Longchamp Le Pliage handbag souls to the long is constantly adding new elements to deductive.

Longchamp Classic is after 1983 by designer Karl Lagerfeld in accordance with the Le Pliage amendment design handbags. Longchamp classic is a dual C turn buckle. Shoulder chain Longchamp classic with the official term is "leather chain", as the name suggests is a metal chain rope wear leather. Longchamp official release, Le Pliage refers to 1955 MS Longchamp's original cheap longchamp bags style and "Longchamp classic". But for the demanding details of the readers, the double C Karl took over in 1983 after the turn buckle design classic rhombohedrons case grain bag, all skin and Longchamp each season series chain flip shoulder bag, which we used to call "Longchamp classic" in 1955, and MS Longchamp original Le Pliage which some subtle difference of course, if you are not certain, has the original version, version Le Pliage of the Classic Longchamp and miss Coco has the same classic and modern significance. Longchamp Classic Longchamp classic, in addition to the most popular suede fabric, there are many materials available. Including roe sauce embossed calfskin leather, patent leather, crocodile skin and python, colors, gray brown, sand, celadon, midnight blue, brown and other seasonal fashion color. A small sheep usually to be more expensive than calfskin lambskin, very soft, like a baby's skin, and can give it a massage!

Longchamp Le Pliage uses a metal chain smooth, this design was inspired by a metal chain to her for fixing sleeve hem increase apeak feeling, which also greatly changed the use habit of ladies handbags. She launched the two styles: daytime use lambskin longchamp outlet online styles, as well as the evening handbag with silk or knitted fabric Jersey. In fact, I love Longchamp not because it is the world's top brand-name bags, I love Longchamp because I fell in love with that section of a reservoir behind it for history, it is a story of a woman, is waiting for us to get down to reading her legend and wonderful life.

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